Meet LaKreiasha

 Hello my name is LaKreiasha and all my life I’ve enjoyed working with my hands, KREating beautiful arts and crafts.  Having been compelled to KREate fun, unique, and beautiful items is what has inspired me to open up my own hand crafting shop.  As a hard working wife and mother of two amazing children, they all inspire me to accomplish my dreams and live my best life.

I am the CEO and designer of Fun KREations. The business was birth in November 2013 and is operated out of the comfort of my own home. Every item is personally handcrafted to fit the personality of each individual upon request.  My designs and products are ever changing with the needs and desires of the customer. I make exceptional, high-quality and one of a kind handmade greeting cards, I.D. Badge Holders, bling cell phone cases, and much more.  My desire is to KREate a variety of products that will encourage someone to stand out from the crowd.  

In my spare time, I go straight to my craft table because sitting idle is not an option for me. I love to have fun with my KREations, and when it’s all said and done I hope you’ll add a FUN KREations piece to your life.

    Not only do I use my hands for crafting, I’m also a Nurse Technician, and have been for 23 years, caring for those who are in need at the local hospitals and in the privacy of their homes. Crafting along with Nursing is not just a hobby, but it is in fact a calling and it brings fulfillment.